• Anthem


    Anthem 1C-2, 1C-3, 2,3,4 are the final phases of Anthem Subdivision in Kyle.  CC Carlton has had a long-standing relationship with this developer, and we are sad to see this development come to an end.  With an end comes a new beginning.  Due to all the hard work of CCC and all our Subs, CCC will be starting a new development called Freedom that will tie into Anthem.  We can’t…

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  • Simwon


    We just completed a job for Simwon’s new manufacturing factory out in Kyle. They needed a deep press pit constructed inside of their warehouse. The pit was 30’ deep and roughly 40’ by 40’ wide. It was a vertical cut with a massive shoring plan. We installed reinforced concrete walls. They needed this all done…

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  • Nolina Benton

    Nolina Benton

    Our team broke ground on this project last week. Read More:

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