Christmas 2023 AND 30 Year Celebration

Craig 30th IronWork2


Wishing Mr. Charles Craig Carlton, a BIG Happy 30th Anniversary for 30 years in business and “still going strong.” 

The employees of C.C. Carlton Industries celebrated with Craig at the 2023 Christmas Party at County Line on the Lake, and before he spoke, The Officers of the company honored him with a round of gifts to congratulate him on a successful 30 years.  We all know it’s not always been an easy ride, but one filled with riding out several recessions, struggling with supply demands after COVID, and personnel changes, but he never gave up on his business or the 400 employees who depended on him.  In his words, “hard times don’t last, but tough people do!”  So, when business is good, we celebrate!

He received two celebratory 30-year metal iron work discs to hang in the north and south offices of C.C. Carlton Industries for a daily reminder that hard work makes a lasting impression!

Craig 30th IronWork2

The best-of the-best, a 9L Pas de Nom Pinot Noir – Craig’s favorite wine straight from the Penner Ash Wine Vineyard in Oregon.

Craig 30th Wine Bottle

Original, 30-year anniversary hats letting all know that CCC is still going strong! 

Austin Pets Alive

PHOTO 2 Kelsy Johnson, APA, CCC Driver Brian Thomas

1/23/24 This past weekend, Austin Pets Alive in downtown Austin put out a PSA asking for “emergency fosters” before freezing temps arrived!  CC Carlton Industries donated 15K toward much needed supplies to help the shelter right before the freezing winter weather headed to Austin.  Two hundred and five pets have been placed in WARM homes and 55 are left needing temporary homes during the deep freeze! Fostering & Donations are the key ways to help shelter animals. The employees and volunteers at Austin Pets Alive are give unending love and support and we at CCC did our part to help them “batten down the hatches” before the wintery conditions came to town.

PHOTO 1 Mr. Craig Carlton.Owner.

Mr. Craig Carlton, owner of CC Carlton Industries, is seen carrying in a load of dog food for the Cesar Chavez location of Austin Pets Alive shelter near downtown Austin.  Mr. Carlton and his son, Chase Carlton, delivered much needed bags of food that were shared with Austin Pets Alive’s sister shelters in Austin.

PHOTO 2 Kelsy Johnson, APA, CCC Driver Brian Thomas

Erik Elliott, Director of Shop Operations, purchased loads of much need supplies including heavy-duty extension cords, containers, and Lowe’s gift cards so Austin Pets Alive could purchase tarps and items to support outdoor kennels before the impending freeze. 

Pictured: Kelsy Johnson, Director of Customer Service with Austin Pets Alive, receiving truck load of supplies by CC Carlton driver, Brian Thomas.

Thanks to all the staff and volunteers at Austin Pets Alive for being so wonderful.

PHOTO 3 CCCMascot.Gabi.AustinPetsAlive

Victoria Kline with CC Carlton’s north office in Liberty Hill, rounded out the team effort shopping at Walmart with her dog, Gabi, CC Carlton’s , and packed her car with electric and fleece blankets, small electric space heaters and more.