CCC Ladies 1st Annual Fishing Competition

Triple C Ranch

The CCC Ladies were mighty competitive for the big cash prizes!  Our guides, CEO, Ben Lyon, President, Joe Guerrero and General Superintendent, Fermin Molina took great care of us and our fish and even served up dinner!  Thank you to Mr. Carlton for giving us a great weekend away at the Triple C Ranch.

CCC 1st Annual Clay Shoot

Our first Team Building event of 2024 was a Clay Shoot held in Georgetown, and it was a resounding success!  Competition was fierce, and we had some stellar shoot offs, and good laughs! 

Here are the WINNERS

  • Overall Top Shooter – Officer, Hunter Dickehut 
  • Overall Top Female Shooter – Accounts Payable, Tanya Mathis 
  • Overall Top Male Shooter – General Superintendent, Joe Duarte 
  • Worst Shooter Ever – Controller, Brittany Wood (yeah, we’re all shocked) 

Top Team – left-to-right 

  • General Superintendent, Joe Duarte 
  • Project Manager, Blake Scrivener 
  • Assist. Project Manager, Rowdy Hinckley 
  • Superintendent, Eduardo Cervantez 
  • General Superintendent, Robbie Martinez 

Tea Party 2024

Fascinators & Flowers

The CCC and G&C Ladies were treated to a Friday afternoon at Mr. Carlton’s home.  He bestowed beautiful vases to every lady there to snip as many snapdragons as possible from his extensive gardens.  It was a celebration of Spring with an English Tea Party and a Flower Stroll.